What's New in Cycles 4D

The latest release of Cycles 4D contains the following updates and features:

Real-Time Preview (RTP)

Node Editor

  • node groups saved to disk (as .cyg files) can now drag-and-dropped directly into the node editor from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder
  • a frame node has been added to the node editor
  • aligning/sorting of nodes in the editor can now be done using icons on the top border of the editor as well as the context menu
  • the node editor has an improved interactive search field to make it easier to locate a specific node
  • connecting wires between nodes can be toggled between straight and curved wires depending on user preference
  • a new mini-map (or global viewer) has been added to the node editor
  • the node list in the editor is colour-coded using the same colours as in the node title bar (except group, frame and pivot nodes)
  • an attribute node and associated tag can be created automatically by dragging and dropping a tag into the node editor (this includes selection tags and vertex map tags)


  • the outport of a node can be connected to the inports of multiple other selected nodes simultaneously
  • selected nodes can be connected using a hotkey (F) press
  • when hovered over with the mouse, a group or frame is highlighted; a selected node can be added to a hovered-over group or frame with a context menu click
  • selected nodes can be muted using a 'mute' button on the node border
  • a node can be 'shaken' in the node editor to disconnect it from other nodes
  • a new 'Pivot' node has been added
  • new Alpha input port in the Output node
  • double-clicking a node title bar collapses the node and collapsed nodes all have the same width

Other Changes

  • the tag formerly known as the 'X-Particles Tag' is now named the 'Instance Tag'
  • rotating the cyEnvironment object in the viewport now rotates any assigned texture automatically, rather than having to add a mapping node to rotate the texture as in previous versions
  • Cycles 4D materials can be baked to a texture map
  • post-effects such as Filmic, Bloom and Glare. added to the cyCamera tag
  • a new Matrix Info node has been added to enable rendering of a Mograph Matrix object without geometry
  • the Cinema 4D Stick Texture tag is now supported
  • Cycles 4D now supports material stacking in the same way as standard Cinema 4D materials
  • new material presets which support X-Particles Explosia added
  • Shadow Catcher speed increase
  • improved 'Pointiness' behaviour