Color: Light Falloff

Node Interface


Function Control the falloff of light from a light object or a mesh object which is emitting light
Nearest C4D equivalent Light falloff is managed in the Details tab of a Light object

This node is used to control the falloff of light from a light object or a mesh object with a material containing an Emission node. Its output should be linked to the Strength input port of an Emission node.

By default, Cycles 4D lights use inverse-square falloff, which is physically correct.


Note: a * symbol next to the name indicates the parameter also has an input port. A # symbol indicates that the parameter can only be changed with an input node, not in the node itself.

Strength *

The light strength before it is changed by the selected falloff.

Smooth *

Smooths out the light strength, reducing highlights and noise.



This is the same as the default falloff from a light. The advantage of using this node is that you can change the Smooth value - see above. If Smooth is set to zero, the Strength value is passed to the Emission node unchanged.


This gives a slower falloff over distance and is not physically correct. However, this may be useful in some scenes. The scene is likely to be brighter if you change from quadratic to linear and with the same strength.


The light does not fall off at all over distance. The scene will be brighter than quadratic or linear for the same strength, and may be overblown