Cycles 4D: Getting Started


Welcome to Cycles 4D! Thank you for using this plugin. To find out more about Cycles in general, please see the 'What is Cycles 4D?' page.

This manual covers the bridge to the Cycles render engine from Cinema 4D. It cannot and does not cover the inner workings of Cycles itself or any possible future development. For that please refer to the above page where there are a number of links to external sites about Cycles.


Please see the separate installation page for details of how to install Cycles 4D.

Using Cycles 4D for the first time

Once you have installed Cycles 4D, the best way to get started is to create, texture, light and render a simple scene. This manual contains a tutorial for developing a first scene with Cycles 4D; the links to it are:

Page 1 - basic setup

Page 2 - adding materials

Page 3 - using a mesh light

If you work through that you will have the basic knowledge of how to set up your scene.

Accessing this manual

This manual is an on-line document so it can be accessed directly from Cycles 4D itself. To do this you can:

  • click Help... in the Cycles 4D main menu to go to the home page of this manual
  • or click the help button which you will find in many Cycles 4D objects; this will take you to the manual page relevant to that object