Input: Layer Weight

Node Interface

Example Output

See 'Using the Layer Weight Input' for how to use this node and an example of its use.


Function Produces a Fresnel effect but is simpler to use than the Fresnel node
Nearest C4D equivalent Fresnel shader

This node is very similar to the Fresnel node but is easier to use because the Blend input value ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, whereas the Fresnel node IOR value ranges from 0.0 to infinity.

As with the Fresnel, you would normally use this node to drive a Mix shader mixing two other inputs, such as Diffuse and Glossy. See 'Use the Layer Weight Input' for more details.


Note: a * symbol next to the name indicates the parameter also has an input port. A # symbol indicates that the parameter can only be changed with an input node, not in the node itself.

Blend *

This is the blend between two shaders

Normal #

With this setting you can alter the surface normals of the object, which will have a significant effect on the rendered output since it will affect the way light is reflected from the surface.

This setting requires a vector input, so you need to link another node with a vector output port to this port.



The output from this port is very similar to the Fresnel node.


With this option, the output value will be 1.0 if the surface normal points directly to the camera; if the normal is at right-angles to the camera the value is 0.0.