Texture: Sky (Nishita)

Node Interface

Example Output

This node is an improved version of the original Sky Texture node. As with that node, it uses a procedural method to generate the physically correct light and colour from the sun.

This node is intended for use in a Background shader which itself is part of a Background material applied to a cyEnvironment object.


Note: a * symbol next to the name indicates the parameter also has an input port. A # symbol indicates that the parameter can only be changed with an input node, not in the node itself.

Sun Disc

Uncheck this switch to hide the sun disc. This will reduce the amount of light substantially.

Sun Intensity

Change the intensity of the sun with this setting.

Sun Direction From Object

Add an object to this link field to make it easier to control the sun direction. For details, see 'Using the Sky Object' in the Sky Object page.

Sun Elevation, Sun Rotation

These settings control the elevation of the sun above the horizon and its rotation around the 3D world centre. You can control the sun position with these settings instead of using 'Sun Direction From Object'.


Not the altitude of the sun, but the height of the atmosphere from ground level to space.


Simulates the density of the air. A value of zero means no air (as on the moon, for example). A value of 1 is a normal clear day; increasing values represent increasing amounts of pollution.


The density of dust in the atmosphere. A value of zero gives no dust. Increasing values give increasing amounts of dust, with a value of 1 being a normal clear day.


The amount of ozone in the atmosphere. A value of zero gives no ozone. Increasing values give increasing amounts of ozone, with a value of 1 being a normal clear day.


The degree of exposure from the sun light. A value of zero gives no exposure (i.e. no light). Increasing values give higher exposure, if the value is too high the image will be blown out. This is different from the 'Sun Intensity' setting, which can produce more light without blowing out the image.



The colour output from the sun and sky.