Using Cycles 4D

Cycles 4D is not difficult to use; there are a number of render settings that can be changed but it will render out of the box without changing them. The thing that will take most getting used to is the material system, which is node-based rather than the 'black box' approach in Cinema itself.

An important feature of Cycles 4D is the close integration with X-Particles. Please note that this requires the latest version of X-Particles 3.5, so if you have not updated your copy of X-Particles to the latest version, please do so before attempting to use Cycles 4D with it.

This section contains a number of pages to help you to get started with Cyles4D:

Page Topic
A first scene with Cycles 4D Three pages showing the basic setup of a scene with objects, materials, and lighting
Using the node editor A detailed page on using the material node editor
How To Several pages on how to do certain things with Cycles 4D that might not appear obvious at first glance
Using X-Particles with Cycles 4D A series of pages on, well, using Cycles 4D with X-Particles, including rendering particles, generating and rendering objects and trails, and rendering smoke and fire
Menu Reference A reference for the Cycles 4D main menu
Preferences The Cycles 4D general preferences
Using Cycles 4D Over a Network Using Cycles 4D with Team Render and proxy servers
Updating Cycles 4D Using the on-line updater
Reporting Bugs How to report bugs in Cycles 4D
Known Issues Any issues currently known that work differently or do not work yet in Cycles 4D